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Track Name: 4 Point Power (Hiii Power Freestyle)
Monty C. Benjamin:

I get more epic with every sentence/
My hummin' alone is being compared to Jimmy Hendrix/
On the strings, in the dark I sing, for things/
The Gladys in the night, I will reign SUPREMES/
I do the kind of shit that make a nigga mind froze/
Dodge a stray bullet, catch a blade with a blindfold/
Unidentified flowin' object, I know/
One false move will have an earthling mind probed/
Left field, shit, hold on, wait, excuse me player/
Different, women, up in, here, in the sky the frigged air/
I'm too cool, I been hot since birth/
He got game- Jesus, you see what my shuttle's worth?/
I run it with some tube socks and Timberlands/
Double time flow, I'm predicate with my sentences/
I am just passionate, crazy, interestin'/
Selfish, I'm mad at my own shadow for WITNESSIN'


I'm hittin' like, 88 up on the freeway/
Recognizin' life is like a game without a free space/
You gotta take, every single square, every inch, so without a care/
I'm movin' on, defragment, just to free space/
I gotta free mind state, Ohio State of Mind say/
Whatever I can, to get the 5-1-Trey/
The recognition that, real niggas do deserve/
Main course shit, we the ham, you guys are like hors d'ouerves/
Main source style, breakin' atoms down to molecules
You always scratchin', fuckin' up the shot, just follow cue-/
Zombies, no heart, no brain, no intuition/
When it starts the pain, yea, it feels terrific/
No masochist, just, see the chance for me to triumph/
Muhammad Ali the way I move beyond all my lumps/
Flyin' past speed bumps, like a smooth crook/
All ya pawns is gone, homie, and I got two rooks